Hydra-Mount Formulas & Conversions

To help you out, we’ve included a quick reference list of Fluid Power Formulas and Conversions.

Fluid Power Formulas

Fluid Motor Power Horse Power = Torque Output
(Inches Lbs.) x RPM
Pump Input Power Horse Power Input = GPM x PSI
1714 x Efficiency
Pump Flow GPM Flow = RPM x Pump Displacement (Cubic In./Rev.) 231
Torque - (Inch Lbs.) Torque = 63025 x HP


Metric Conversions

To Convert Into Multiply By
Inches Millimeters 25.40
Millimeters Inches .03937
Gallons Liters 3.785
Liters Gallons .2642
Centimeters Inches .3937
Inches Centimeters 2.540